Dr. Mazen Fitiany

Plastic Surgery Consultant

    Dr. Saad Taha

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

      Dr. Fayez Abdel Baqi

      General Surgery Specialist

        Dr. Hashem Balkhi

        Plastic Surgery specialist

          Dr. Ayman Yamani

          plastic surgery consultant

            Dr. Samah Abed

            plastic surgery consultant

              Dr. Khaled Al-Khatib

              Senior Vice President of Plastic Surgery

                Dr . Yasser Hakim

                General Doctor

                  Dr. Abdulaziz abdullah

                  Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser specialist

                    Dr. Basma Ali

                    Dermatologist & cosmetologist

                      Dr. Nouf Malih

                      Consultant of dermatology and cosmetology

                        Lian Al-Talhi

                        Therapeutic Nutritionist