Who we are?

Dr. Mazen Fityani established Dr. Mazen Fityani Clinics in 1997 AD in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah. The clinics were distinguished by providing all the services required by the client with high-quality materials and healthcare, using the latest equipment, at the hands of specialized consultants trained in the most prestigious international universities.

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    Our Doctors & Departments

    Cosmetic Department

    Dr. Mazen Fitiany

    Plastic Surgery Consultant

      Dr. Saad Taha

      Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

        Dr. Fayez Abdel Baqi

        General Surgery Specialist

          Dr. Khaled Al-Khatib

          Senior Vice President of Plastic Surgery

            Dr. Ayman Yamani

            plastic surgery consultant

              Dr. Samah Abed

              plastic surgery consultant

                Dr . Yasser Hakim

                General Doctor

                  Dermatology Department

                  Dr. Abdulaziz Abdullah

                  Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser specialist

                    Plastic Surgery Department

                    Dr. Nawaf Al-Judaibi

                    Plastic surgery consultant

                      Dr. Thoraya Tashkandy

                      Plastic surgery consultant

                        Dr. Ali Aldelgawi

                        Plastic surgery consultant

                          Abdullah Darwish

                          Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

                            Gastroenterology Department

                            Professor Hesham Akhbar

                            Internal Medicine & digestive system

                              Nutrition Department


                              Clinical Dietion

                                Laparoscopic and Bariatric Department

                                Dr. Shaker Majrashi

                                Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon

                                  Consultant OB/Gyne

                                  Dr. Afshan Qadi

                                  Obstetrician Gynecologist